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113 Articles 07/11/2014

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Center for Pakistan Military History

Pakistan Coast Guards Aditya Gupta [5/8/2012]

Pakistan Maritime Security Agency Aditya Gupta [5/1/2012]

We are starting to shift India-related orbats/articles that previously appeared in the History magazine to CIMH. For a general index, CLICK HERE


Update on Indian 8th Division 1914-2014 Mandeep Singh Bajwa and Ravi Rikhye [10/14/2014]

Operation Blue Star 2014 Hamud Hussain [7/14/2014]

Indian Army 1914 Prof. Charles Tustion Kamps Jr. [7/11/2014] This very detailed orbat uses primary sources

Indian Army Battalions in the First Kashmir War 1947-48 Ravi Rikhye [7/11/2014]


India's Light Combat Helicopter Neeraj Kakar [1/1/2013]


India's Inland Water Security Craft Aditya Gupta [6/20/2012]
Indian Navy Inshore Patrol Vessels
Aditya Gupta [6/20/2012]
India's Coastal Artillery Aditya Gupta [5/27/2012]
Laying the Sargodha, and Other Ghosts of 1965
[5/3/2012] Reprinted from Vayu Aerospace; article originally appeared 1979
Indian State Forces 1947 that became part of the Indian Army Mandeep Singh Bajwa and Ravi Rikhye [4/28/2012]

Indian Division Deployments Against China 1961-2001
Ravi Rikhye [4/28/2012]
6th Mountain Division: A Vignette History
Mandeep Singh Bajwa and Ravi Rikhye [4/23/2012]
Indian Army Corps 1947-2006
Mandeep Singh Bajwa and Ravi Rikhye [4/28/2012]
Indian Army Order of Battle Kargil 1999 v 2.1
Mandeep Singh Bajwa and Ravi Rikhye [4/22/2012] Previously in Orbat History Magazine, now with additional material

Madras Regiment Mandeep Singh Bajwa [Originally appeared in History Magazine of in 2003]

Major Terrorist Groups Operating against India in 2000 Originally published in, 2002]


3 Jats Mandeep Singh Bajwa & Ravi Rikhye [6/11/2011] new separate page, 1947-48 operations added.


Tatya Tope's Operations in Central India, 3-19 October, 1858 - Book Excerpt Parag Tope [01/16/2010] Rupa, ISBN 9788129115621
Updates to Jat Regiment Hamid Hussian [01/16/2010]


Indian Security Force in Bombay (Mumbai) Attacks 2008 Ravi Rikhye [03/21/2009]


Jat Regiment (Latest Update) [10/27/2008]
Indian Tank Regiments 1947-2004: A Short Note Mandeep Singh Bajwa & Ravi Rikhye [10/18/2008]
Kumaon Regiment Battalions (Latest Update) Ravi Rikhye [10/18/2008]
Indian Armored/Mechanized TOEs 1965-2000 Ravi Rikhye [10/17/2008]
Indian Army 1st - 30th Infantry Battalions World War I 1914-1918 Paul Watson [8/01/2008]
Indian Army Parachute & Special Forces Formations/Units Richard A. Rinaldi [3/20/3008]
The Indian Army On The Eve Of The 1962 War v.3 Mandeep Singh Bajwa & Ravi Rikhye [3/25/2008]


The object of the starter pages is to entice committed persons to join us. Please adopt a page.

Indian 3rd (Lahore) Division at 2nd Ypres 1915 Mandeep Singh Bajwa [9/28/2007]
Indian Infantry Regiments of World War I: 1st Brahmans through 30th Punjabis Paul Watson [9/23/2007]
Indian Army Medical Units 1st January 1917
Paul Watson [9/22/2007]

The Political System of the Maratha Confederacy: Strengths & Weakness According To Mahadev Govind Ranade 1900
Sikh & Punjabi Gallantry Award Winners: Indian Army 1947-94 Mandeep Singh Bajwa [9/6/2007]
Akbar's Generals: Bairam Khan Ravi Rikhye [08/4/2007]
Akbar's Generals: Adham Khan
Ravi Rikhye [08/4/2007]
Dynasties: The Holkars of Indore Ravi Rikhye [08/4/2007] Starter Page
The Bengal Dynasties: An Outline Ravi Rikhye [08/4/2007] Starter Page
The Sultans of Malwa Ravi Rikhye [07/30/2007] Starter Page
Dynasties: The 9 Peshwas Ravi Rikhye [07/28/2007] Starter Page
Forts: Mandu Ravi Rikhye [07/28/2007] Starter Page
Durgavati, Queen of the Gonds: The Last Battle 1564
Ravi Rikhye [07/27/2007]
Forts: Orccha Ravi Rikhye [03/24/2007] [article in progress]
Nepalese Contingent Indian Army 1st January 1917 Paul Watson [03/24/2007]
Special Article
The Lakshya PTV B. Harry [03/24/2007] *

* This is not a history article, but we include it for the interest of our readers.


British-Indian Army: Imperial Service Troops 1888-1918 Paul Watson [10/2/2006]
IAF Kills 1965 B. Harry [9/12/2006]
[Please contact for additions/corrections]
IAF Kills 1971 v.1.1 B. Harry [9/12/2006] [Please contact for additions/corrections]
Kharda 1795: Order of Battle for the Maratha Confederacy Ravi Rikhye [8/9/2006]
The 7 Invasions of Mohammad Gauri
Amrit Pal Singh [7/4/2006]
66th (Independent) Brigade in Somalia 1992-94
Mandeep S. Bajwa [7/2/2006]

10th Infantry Division 1971: Order of Battle
Ravi Rikhye [3/15/2006]
Forts: Shivaji's Sindhudurg
Ravi Rikhye [2/22/2006]
XI Corps and the Battle of Asul Uttar Maj.-Gen.
Rajendra Nath PVSM [1/22/2006]
The Battle of the Jhelum 327-326 BC: Porus and Alexander
8th Light Cavalry
Vir Maharathi [1/14/2006]
The Battle of Samugarh 1658
Aditya Mittal [1/1/2006]

Aurangzeb's Army
Aditya Mittal [1/1/2006]
4th Division 1914-2002: An Outline History Ravi Rikhye & Mandeep Singh Bajwa [1/1/2006] (Additional material 3/8/2008)
8th Mountain Division 1914-2005: An Outline History
Ravi Rikhye [1/1/2006]


1st_Armored Brigade
Mandeep Singh Bajwa & Ravi Rikhye [5/29/2005]
2nd_Armored Brigade
Mandeep Singh Bajwa & Ravi Rikhye [5/28/2005]
3rd_Armored Brigade
Mandeep Singh Bajwa & Ravi Rikhye [5/15/2005]
Ravi Rikhye [4/7/2005]
Babur's Army
Ravi Rikhye [4/7/2005]
Laxmibai, Rani of Jhansi 1854-1858 Started by Ravi Rikhye [3/21/2005]
Dynasties: Rajputs - the Rathores
Started by Ravi Rikhye [3/21/2005]
Prithviraj Chauhan: Last Hindu Emperor of India
Started by Ravi Rikhye [3/21/2005]
Forts: Ranthambhore, 9 Centuries 994 - 1857 Started by Ravi Rikhye [updated 3/21/2005]
Ibrahim Adil Shahi, Sultan of Bijapur 1576-1630
Started by Ravi Rikhye [3/7/2005]
The Wars & Campaigns of Prataparudra, Gajapati of Orissa 1497-1540 S
tarted by Ravi Rikhye [3/7/2005]
The Wars & Campaigns of Krishnadevarya, Emperor of Vijaynagar 1509-1529
Started by Ravi Rikhye [3/7/2005] [Under Construction]
The Wars and Campaigns of Chattrapati Shivaji 1657-1680
Started by Ravi Rikhye [3/1/2005]
6th Kumaon at the Battle for Walong 1962 Ravi Rikhye [3/1/2005]
The Kumaon Regiment: Thumbnail Sketches, Selected Battalions Ravi Rikhye [3/1/2005]
Ranjit Singh Project: The 12 Misls of Ranjit Singh Started by Ravi Rikhye [2/15/2005] Please join this project
9 [Deccan] Horse
Ravi Rikhye [2/15/2005]
The Wars and Campaigns of Babur 1484-1530
Amrit Pal Singh & Ravi Rikhye [2/10/2005]
Indian Navy Warship Names [v.2.0]
B. Harry [2/4/2005]
Indian Navy Warship, Naval Craft, and Merchant Ship Kills 1971 [v.2.0]
B. Harry [2/1/2005]
The 17 Invasions of Mahmud Ghaznavi 1001-1026 AD
Amrit Pal Singh & Ravi Rikhye [2/1/2005]
Pakistan Navy Warship Names 1947-2005 [v.2.0]
Ravi Rikhye [1/23/2005]


31st Armored Division
Mandeep Singh Bajwa [11/18]
2nd (Independent) Armored Brigade
Madeep Singh Bajwa [11/13]
Indian Navy Warships: Translation of Names Manoj P [7/18]
5th Battalion, the Jat Regiment: 1962, 1965, 1971 [6/5]
Sino-Indian War 1962 Harshvardhan Vedak & Vikrant Chite [6/4/2004]

You may reproduce material by informing the Publisher in advance and providing proper citation.


Acting Editor
Ravi Rikhye


Ravi Rikhye

July 11, 2014 We are soliciting articles and documents relating to Indian Military History.


CIMH will focus exclusively on Indian military history.

Its intent is to make people aware of the immensely long and rich military tradition of India. In the process we hope that Indians and those interested in India will form a new identity definition for the purposes of the 21st Century.

Till recently, Indian identity has been viewed though the lens of post-colonialism and of Mahatma Gandhi.

We not just need to begin defining our military history in wholly Indian frames of reference, we as Indians need to understand that the Mahatma, one of the greatest of historical persons, represented only one facet of the jewel that is India. India has many jewels and it is home to some amazing casinos and betting institutions. One of them being this site. It offers free bets and bonuses beyond belief. Bodog is a high ranking site that allows its visitors to entertain themselves while winning money on the side.


CMIH's underlying organizational premise is that anyone wanting to make a contribution to the study of Indian military history should have a place to go to with minimum fuss. We welcome all contributions, no matter how small. Even a 75 word text box is fine.

Anyone with the needed skills is welcome to offer editorship, research, and writing. If you have a project on Indian Military History you'd like to actualize, we are delighted to hear you tell us what you want to do, and within our means, we will make it so - but you're going to be the editor with responsibility for the entire project!

Until we get sponsorship, the following are given a token payment for their work each month:

  • Editors
  • Researchers
  • Web staff

If we cannot provide you financial support for your project, or if we already have - say - a paid researcher for a project and cannot afford another at this time, you are welcome to volunteer.

All contributions must pass scrutiny from the editor in charge of the area of interest.

The writing of history is, inevitably, not a judgment-free process. Nonetheless, CIMH stands for no particular ideology.


Projects underway include:

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