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The project will focus exclusively on India's forts.

Its intent is part of the CIMH mission, to make people aware of the immensely long and rich military tradition of India. In the process we hope that Indians and those interested in India will form a new identity definition for the purposes of the 21st Century.

Till recently, Indian identity has been viewed though the lens of post-colonialism and of Mahatma Gandhi.

We not just need to begin defining our military history in wholly Indian frames of reference, we as Indians need to understand that the Mahatma, one of the greatest of historical persons, represented only one facet of the jewel that is India.


The project's underlying organizational premise is that any one wanting to make a contribution to the study of Indian military history should have a place to go to with minimum fuss. We welcome all contributions, no matter how small. Even a 75 word text box is fine.

Anyone with the needed skills is welcome to offer editorship, research, and writing. If you have a project on Indian Military History you'd like to actualize, we are delighted to hear you tell us what you want to do, and within our means, we will make it so - but you're going to be the editor with responsibility for the entire project!

As an initial example of how different contributors are to be integrated into the narrative about one king or queen, look at the Ala-ud-din Khilji entry below.

Until we get sponsorship, the following are given a token payment for their work each month:

  • Editors
  • Researchers
  • Web staff

If we cannot provide you financial support for your project, or if we already have - say - a paid researcher for a project and cannot afford another at this time, you are welcome to volunteer.

All contributions must pass scrutiny from the editor in charge of the area of interest.

The writing of history is, inevitably, not a judgment-free process. Nonetheless, CIMH stands for no particular ideology.






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