The 9 Peshwas

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"Peshwa" means Prime Minister. While technically subordinate to the Marattha emperors, of whom they were five, they quickly gained real control of the empire.

The Marathas Ascendant
Map by Deepak Gupta


  • 1713-1720 Balaji Vishwanath
  • 1720-1740 Bajirao I
  • 1740-1761 Balaji Bajirao
  • 1761-1772 Madhavrao Ballal
  • 1772-1773 Narayanrao
  • 1773-1774 Raghunathrao
  • 1774-1795 Sawai Madhavrao
  • 1796-1818 Bajirao II (Deposed by the British)
  • 1857-1858 Nana Saheb

Bajirao II

The Fort at Mandu


Nana Saheb

The adopted son of Bajirao II, his efforts to get the British to recognize his title were unsuccessful. On the outbreak of India First War for Independence in 1857 (called The Indian Mutiny by the British), he declared himself Peshwa and revolted against the British). He disappeared after the defeat at Kanpur in late 1857. It was rumored he fled to Nepal, where presumably he died.

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