The Chauhans of Ranthambhore


They represent a collateral branch of the Chauhans of Ajmer, and came into their own after the death of Prithviraj III after Second Tarain, 1193.


The dynasty’s founder, Govindaraja, was banished from Prithviraj III’s court at Ajmer and settled at Ranthambhore. His descendents were:


  1. Govindaraja
  2. Balahara, son of Govindaraja
  3. Prahlada, son of Balahara
  4. Viranarayan, son of Prahlada
  5. Vagbhata, son of Balahara
  6. Jaitrashsimha, son of Vagbhata
  7. Hammira [Hammirdeva], son of Jaithrashsimha.


Of the dynasty, Hammirdeva was the most famous.