Prithviraj Chauhan versus Jaichand Rathore: the Fatal Quarrel

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Raja Jai Chand convened his famous Rajsu Yajna at Kannauj in 1191 with the object of expelling the Muslims from India. Prithviraj was a special invitee to this function, which was attended by many ruling chiefs of the period. Its seven eminent men represented the Mohyal community, one from each caste of its constellation. They were: Gorakh Rai Vaid, Rai Tirlok Nath Bali, Rai Midder Dev Datt, Rai Narsing Dev Chhibber, Rai Takhan Dev Mohan, Rai Inder Sain Lau and Rai Kailash Dev Bhimwal.


However, the ill-fated convention failed to achieve its goal due to the clash of Prithviraj and Jai Chand whose old rivalries came to the surface over-riding national interests. Prithviraj had abducted Sanyogta, Jai Chand's daughter, from a crowded Swyambar. When he ascended to the throne of Delhi, Jai Chand refused to recognize him as a sovereign and made a rival claim. This breach occurred at a crucial time when a series of invasions of Mohammed Ghori were looming in he horizon. Ghori had captured the empire of Mahmud Ghazni after his death and was now poised with the same devilish designs to conquer India.


Prithviraj and Sanyogta of Kannauj