Indian Southern Command in the 1971 War
v.1.0 April 7, 2002

Ravi Rikhye

Thanks to Mr. Jagan Pillarisetti for providing a copy of the official 1971 War history, which has remained unpublished to this day.  In 2000 the Times of India obtained a leaked copy and put it on the net.

Southern Command [Lt.-Gen. G.G. Bewoor]

27th Madras (sole command reserve)

10th Parachute Commando (supporting 11th and 12th Divisions as well as other sectors)

Parent Formation Unidentified

17th Grenadiers

11th Infantry Division [Maj.-Gen. R.D.R. Anand] Barmer Sector

31st Infantry Brigade

-         15th Kumaon

-         18th Madras

-         20th Rajput

85th Infantry Brigade

-         2nd Mahar

-         2nd Rajputana Rifles

-         10th Sikh

-         10th Sikh Light Infantry

-         3 (I) Armored Squadron

-         78th Field Company

330th Infantry Brigade

12th Infantry Division [Maj.-Gen. Khambatta] Jaiselmer Sector

20th Lancers (AMX-13)

30th Infantry Brigade

45th Infantry Brigade Group

322nd Infantry Brigade [Taken away Decemeber 12 for another part of the front]

Parent Brigade Unidientified:

-         3rd Rajputana Rifles

-         3rd Jats

-         17th Rajputana Rifles

Kilo Sector (Bikaner Sector, HQ Bikaner)

11th Battalion, Border Security Force

12th Battalion, Border Security Force

13th Grenadiers

Kutch Sector (HQ Bhuj)

3 Border Security Battalions

1 Territorial Army Battalion

27th Madras (towards end of the war)

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