Indian XV Corps, Kashmir 1965
v.1.0 April 7, 2002

Ravi Rikhye & Dave Sandhu


With thanks to Mr. Jagan Pillarsetti for a copy of the Official History of the 1971 War. This has not been published to date.† The Times of India put a leaked copy on its website for some time in 2000.

Also: War Dispatches, Lt.-General Harbaksh Singh; Lancers Publishers, New Delhi, 1991

Indian XV Corps (Srinager) controlled Indian forces in Ladakh, Kashmir, and Jammu, the Indian state officially called Jammu and Kashmir. At approximately 950 kilometers this corps probably had one of the longest frontages of any in the history of warfare, particularly so because the 750 km front with Pakistan was live. The corps had to be prepared to go to war at a momentís notice: its front was not some forgotten backwater overgrown with the moss of decades of inactivity and neglect, but one where Indian and Pakistani forces faced off on a daily basis.

The Corps front in the sectors Akhnur, Jammu, Kathua, Samba, and Pathanot is discussed separately: 10th Division (Akhnur) is listed in the Battle for Chaamb, and 26th Division (Jammu) was assigned to I Corps for its offensive against the Sialkot salient.

A complication is that many units were shifted into the theatre to counter Pakistanís Operation Gibraltar, which immediately preceded the 1965 War. The official history is not clear on which these formations were, so we cannot identify the reinforcements.

2nd Lancers [Lt. Col. O. P. Suri] (C Squadron detached to 191st Brigade, Chaamb)

3rd Infantry Division, Leh [Maj.-Gen. G.B.S. Singh]

70th Infantry Brigade, Demchok

-         2nd Assam

-         5th Garhwal

-         14th Rajputana Rifles

-         17th Punjab [Lt. Col. Harnam Singh]

-         A/Ladakh Scouts

114th Infantry Brigade, Chushul

-         1st Assam

-         2nd Jat

-         3rd Kumaon

-         2/3rd Gorkha Rifles

-         6th Bihar

-         7th J & K Rifles

-         C and H/Ladakh Scouts

163rd Infantry Brigade, Leh (Moves to Valley August 11)

Division Artillery Brigade

-         32nd Light Regiment (to 121st Brigade)

-         43rd Field Regiment

-         62nd Field Regiment

-         63rd Field Regiment

Two battalions Special Frontier Force

121st Infantry Brigade Group, Kargil [Brig. V.K. Ghai] (Independent Brigade)

-         1st Guards [Officiating OC Maj. Menon] ex 3rd Division

-         1st J & K Militia

-         12th J & K Militia (minus two companies)

-         17th Punjab

-         85th Light Regiment (- 1 battery)

-         32nd Light Regiment (ex 3rd Division)

-         114th Light Battery (ex 3rd Division)

Also supporting, but not under command: 9th Task Force, Border Roads Organization

19th Infantry Division, Barmula [Maj.-Gen. S.S. Kalaan]

68th Infantry Brigade Group [Brig. S.C. Bakshi] (Independent Brigade, assigned)

-         1st Parachute

-         4th Rajput

-         6th J & K Militia

-         19th Punjab

104th Infantry Brigade [Brig. B.C. Chawla] Thangdar-Tithwal

-         1st Sikh

-         2nd Rajput

-         3/8th Gorkha Rifles

-         4th Kumaon

-         8th Kumaon

161st Infantry Brigade [Brig. M.K. Balachandran] Baramula

-         4th Sikh Light Infantry

-         6th Bihar

-         7th Bihar

-         7th Marattha

-         20th Marattha

268th Infantry Brigade [Brig. A.N. Antia] Uri

-         2nd J & Militia

-         3rd Sikh

-         3rd Jammu & Kashmir Rifles

-         6th Guards

-         13th J & K Militia

-         Indo-Tibetan Border Police units (arriving)

25th Infantry Division [Maj.-Gen. Amreek Singh] Rajouri

62nd Mountain Brigade [Brig. H.C. Gahlaut] (Reinforcement, not part of division)

-         2nd Dogra

-         3/11th Gorkha Rifles

-         4/5th Gorkha Rifles

-         11th J & K Militia

-         14th Kumaon

80th Infantry Brigade [Brig. U.B.S. Verma] ?Naoshera?

-         1st Madras

-         2nd Bihar

-         4/3rd Gorkha Rifles

-         5th Sikh Light Infantry

-         4/8th Gorkha Rifles

-         9th J & K Militia (- 1 company)

93rd Infantry Brigade [Brig. Zora Singh] Poonch

-         2nd Sikh

-         3rd Rajputana Rifles

-         3rd Rajput

-         3rd Dogra

-         7th Madaras

-         7th Sikh

-         8th Grenadiers

120th Infantry Brigade [Brig. Bharat Singh] Rajouri

-         2nd† Garwhal

-         10th† Mahar

-         14th Jat

-         22nd Marattha Light Infantry

25th Division Artillery Brigade

23rd Composite Mountain Regiment

31st Light Regiment

39th Medium Regiment† (1 section)

42nd Field Regiment

163rd Field Regiment (temporary attachment from 26th Division)

169th Field Regiment

SRI Force [Maj.-Gen. Umrao Singh] Srinager

Originally set up to protect Srinager area from infiltrators entering under Pakistanís Operation Gibralter, as XV Corpsís infantry divisions were busy on the border.

163rd Infantry Brigade[Brig. Kale] ex 3rd Infantry Division

-         1st Guards

-         6th Guards

-         6th Rajput [Lt. Col. Mustasad Ahmed]

The official history gives the brigade as having:

-         1 Marattha

-         2/9 Gorkha Rifles

HQ 31st Communication Zone Sub Area [Brig. A.J.R. Dyer]

8th J & K Militia (- 1 company)

HQ J & K Militia [Brig. Hardit Singh]

-         12th J & K Militia (- 2 companies)

-         Squadron, Central India Horse (- troop)

-         25th Light AA Regiment (- 1 battery)

Station HQ Udhampur

One Company, 8th J & K Militia

One Company, 9th J & K Militia

Four companies, Punjab Armed Police

XV Corps Artillery Brigade [Brig. Surat Singh]

-         23rd Mountain Composite Regiment (Pack)

-         52nd Mountain Composite Regiment (Pack)

-         38th Medium Regiment (- 1 battery)

-         39th Medium Regiment (-1 regiment)

-         No. 2 AOP Flight

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