Indian XI Corps: Orbat September 1965
v. 1.2 April 14,  2002

Ravi Rikhye & Dave Sandhu

Source: 1965 War: Role of Tanks in India-Pakistan War by Lt. Col. (Retired) Dr. Bhupinder Singh, BC Publishers, Patiala 147001, Punjab, India. 1982. Also unpublished official history of 1965 War, provided by Mr. Jagan Pillarsetti.

XI Corps [Lt.-Gen. J.S. Dhillion]

29th Infantry Brigade [Brig. Pritam Singh] – Dera Baba Nanak sector

-         2nd Rajputana Rifles [Lt. Col. Vohra]

-         1/5th Gorkha Rifles [Lt. Col. S.N.S. Gurung]

-         B/14th Horse

-         5th Field Regiment

-         16th Battalion, Punjab Armed Police

In mid-September 2nd Raj. Rif. and 16th PAP are put in charge of this sector and the rest of the brigade is pulled out to become a corps reserve at Bhikkiwind.

Three infantry battalions – Patti, corps reserve

15th  Infantry Division [Maj.-Gen. Niranjan Prasad; Maj.-Gen. Mohinder Singh from September 9] – Atari-Dograi axis

-         1st Horse [Lt. Col. B.S. Sidhu]

-         14th Horse [Lt.-Co. Raghubir, replaced] Sherman V

54th  Infantry Brigade [Brig. M.S. Rikh, wounded,  later Brig. Niranjan Singh wef September 12]

-         3rd Jat [Lt. Col. D. E. Hayde]

-         13th Punjab [OC replaced]

-         15th Dogra [OC replaced]

38th Infantry Brigade [Brig. Pathak, Brig. U.K. Gupta takes over September 13th ]

-         1st Jat

-         3rd Garhwal Rifles

-         1/3 Gorkha Rifles

96th Infantry Brigade [Brig. Malhotra]

-         6th Kumaon

-         7th Punjab

-         16th Dogra

50th Independent Parachute Brigade [Brig. Nambiar] – arrives September 10

-         2nd Parachute [Lt. Col. Ram Singh Yadav]

-         3rd Parachute

-         6th Parachute

-         17th Parachute Field Regiment

-         411th Parachute Field Company

41st Mountain Brigade [Brig. M.R. Rajwade] – arrives September 12 – leaves September 19 for 4th Division

-         1/8th Gorkha Rifles

-         6th Rajput

-         9th Mahar

The brigade, when the reserve for XV Corps, originally had 1/8th Gorkha Rifles, 3rd Kumaon, and 6/5th Gorkha Rifles. When it shifted to Akhnur, it took only the first of the three battalions with it. It was given 6th Rajput from 163rd Brigade (Sri Force, ex- 3rdD ivision, and 9th Mahar from 26th Division. We dont know for a fact that it kept these battalions when it went to XI Corps.

7th Mountain Brigade – arrives September 19 from 4th Division

Rajatal Force [Lt.-Col. Mohan Lal] – to cover gap between 15th and 7th Divisions

-         1st Dogra less two companies, 2nd Armored Brigade’s motor battalion

-         Fighting Troop 2 Armored Brigade (two Shermans)

-         C/3rd Cavalry [Captain Naginder Singh], less HQ and two troops (6 Centurions)

September 14 replaced by:

Bharat Force [Col. Bharat]

-         1st Dogra less two companies

-         1st Horse

-         14th Horse

-         B/7th Cavlary

-         A/8th Cavalry

-         Troop/3rd Cavalry

7th  Infantry Division [Maj.-Gen. S.K. Sibbal] – Khalra-Barki axis

-         Central India Horse [Lt.-Col. S.C. Joshi, KIA September 12]

-         19th Rajput [Lt.-Col. J.S. Gill]

29th Infantry Brigade

Detached to Dera Baba Nanak sector, north of 15th Infantry Division

48th Infantry Brigade [Brig. Shahane, replaced by Brig. Piara Singh]

-         3rd Guards [Lt.-Col. Sondhi]

-         6/8th Gorkha Rifles

65th Infantry Brigade [Brig. L. Farras]

-         4th Sikh [Lt.-Col. Anant Singh] Detached to 4th Mountain Division September 11th.

-         9th Madras

-         16th Punjab [Lt.-Col. J.S. Bhullar] (Arrived from Northeast without vehicles, RCL, or radio sets; vehicles arrived at war’s end. The battalion had one map of the area.]

4th Mountain Division [Maj.-Gen. Gurbakhsh Singh] – Khem Karan sector

-         Discussed under Battle of of Assul Utter

67th Independent Infantry Brigade – Fazilka sector, discussed under 67 Infantry Brigade at the Battle of Fazilka.

2nd Independent Armored Brigade [Brig. T.K. Theograj] – corps reserve

-         3rd Cavalry

-         7th Cavalry [Lt. Col. D.S. Jind]

-         8th Cavalry

Corps Artillery

-         one 7.2 inch heavy regiment

-         one locating regiment


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