Indian I Corps in the 1971 War
v.1.0 April 7, 2002

Ravi Rikhye

With thanks to Mr. Jagan Pillarsetti for a copy of the Official History of the 1971 War. This has not been published to date.  The Times of India put a leaked copy on its website for some time in 2000.

HQ I Corps [Lt.-Gen. K.K. Singh, OC 1st Armored Brigade in the same sector in 1965]

Please keep in mind there were many shifts of units between brigades and divisions.  The official history does not provide an orbat for the start of operations.  Some of the placements we have shown may have been not the regular placements of battalions.

36th Infantry Division [Maj.-Gen. Balwant Singh Ahhluwalia] Incomplete orbat

-         6th Madras (under direct command)

18th Infantry Brigade

-         14th Horse (- 1 squadron)

-         22nd Punjab

-         1st Mahar

72nd Infantry Brigade

-         A/7th Cavalry

-         3rd Sikh Light Infantry

-         1st Horse

-         15th Grenadiers

-         1st Dogra

115th Infantry Brigade

-         4th Grenadiers

-         one squadron, 14th Horse

90th (I) Reconnaissance Squadron – parent unidentified.

39th Infantry Division [Maj.-Gen. B.R. Prabhu] Incomplete orbat

2nd (I) Armored Brigade (less one regiment)  shifted to 36thDivision 11/12 September

87th Infantry Brigade (12 December shifted to 36th Division)

-         3/9th Gorkha Rifles

-         14th Rajputana Rifles

[The division’s 33rd Brigade was detached to , Poonch November 25, 1971, and its 323rd Brigade to X-Ray Sector]

54th Infantry Division [Maj.-Gen. W.A.G. Pinto]

16th (I) Armored Brigade

- 4th Horse

47th Infantry Brigade

-         3rd Grenadiers

-         16th Dogra

-         16th Madras

74th Infantry Brigade

-         6th Kumaon

-         8th Grenadiers

-         9 Marattha Light Infantry

91st Infantry Brigade

-         3rd Garhwal

-         3/1st Gurkha Rifles

-         16th Dogra

41st (I) Artillery Brigade

9th Engineer Regiment

X-Ray Sector (Ad Hoc) (Bajpur-Samba)

323rd Infantry Brigade (ex 36th Division)

168th Infantry Brigade (ex 26th Division)

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