Indian II Corps in the East Bengal Campaign, 1971
v.1.0 May 12, 2002

Ravi Rikhye

With thanks to Mr. Jagan Pillarisetti for a copy of the Official History of the 1971 War. This has not been published to date.  The Times of India put a leaked copy on its website for some time in 2000.

Eastern Command [Lt.-Gen. J.S. Aurora]

II Corps [Lt.-Gen. T.N. Raina] OC 114th Infantry Brigade in 1962, later Chief of Army Staff.

4th Mountain Division [Maj.-Gen. M.S. Brar]

4th Mountain Artillery Brigade [Brig. Baljeet Singh]

-          22nd Mountain Regiment (76mm)

-          7th Field Regiment [25-pounder]

-          Battery, 78th Medium Regiment (130mm)

-          181st Light Regiment (120mm mortar)

-          194th Mountain Regiment (76mm)

63rd Engineer Regiment

7th Mountain Brigade [Brig. Zail Singh]

-          5th Jat

-          22nd Rajput

-          Naga

41st Mountain Brigade [Brig. A.H.E. Michigan]

-          5/1st Gorkha Rifles

-          5th Guards

-          9th Dogra


62nd Mountain Brigade [Brig. Rajender Nath]

-          4th Sikh Light Infantry

-          5th Marattha Light Infantry

-          2/9th Gorkha Rifles

-          A/45th Light Cavalry (PT-76)


9th Infantry Division [Maj.-Gen. Dalbir Singh]

9th Artillery Brigade [Brig. ??]

-          6th Field Regiment (25 pounder)

-          14th Field Regiment (25 pounder)

-          67th Light Regiment (120mm mortar)

-          Battery, 78th Medium Regiment (130mm)

-          264th SBRL Increment (Grad P rocket launcher)

-          201st Division Locating Battery

45th Light Cavalry (minus A Squadron) (PT-76)

Squadron 63rd Cavalry (T-55)

102nd Engineer Regiment

32nd Infantry Brigade [Brig. K.K. Tewari]

-          7th Punjab (APC)

-          8th Madras

-          13th Dogra

42nd Infantry Brigade [Brig. J.S. Gharaya] from December 8th Brig. K.L. Kochar

-          2nd Sikh Light Infantry

-          14th Punjab

-          19th Marattha Light Infantry

350th Infantry Brigade [Brig. H.S. Sandhu]

-          1st Jammu & Kashmir Rifles

-          4th Sikh

-          26th Madras

50th (Independent) Parachute Brigade (-) [Brig. M. Thomas] (under command from 6th 10th December, after which the Brigade shifted to the Western theatre)

- 2nd Parachute

- 7th Parachute [Lt. Col. R.P. Singh, KIA]


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