Indian 19th Division in the 1971 War
v.1.1 April 14, 2002

Ravi Rikhye

With thanks to Mr. Mandeep Bajwa and to Mr. Jagan Pillarsetti for a copy of the Official 1971 War History.  This has not been published, but in 2000 the Times of India obtained a leaked copy and put it on its website for some time.

19th Infantry Division [Maj.-Gen. E. DíSouza] Baramula (338-km front)

Northern Gullies Sector (also sometimes called Border Security Force Sector) [Brig. ??}

- 4 Border Security Force battalions

- 1 infantry battalion

104th Infantry Brigade (Tangdhar Sector, loosely called Tithwal Sector)

-          3rd Bihar

-          6th Rajputana Rifles

-          8th Rajputana Rifles

-          9th Sikh

-          one BSF Battalion

161st Infantry Brigade (Uri Sector)

-          2nd Assam

-          2nd Marattha Light Infatry

-          4th Rajputana Rifles

-          5th Mahar

-          7th Sikh Light Infantry

-          8th Sikh

268th Infantry Brigade (Reserve)

-          2nd Guards

-          4th Mahar

-          12th Grenadiers

Kilo Sector (Ad Hoc) [Brig. A.T. Texeira] (Gulmarg-Kaurauli) (Wrongly called Kilo Sector by Official History)

- †††††† 2 Border Security Force battalions
- †††††† 1 infantry battalion


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