Gallery of 1962 Photographs of Unknown Origin

The following 8 pictures were obtained by Harsh Harshvardhan from a Chinese web-site. The only likely explanation is that the pictures were taken by an Indian officer who passed into Chinese captivity. The pictures were then either officially developed and decades later made available on the web, or they became the booty of a Chinese officer who became the source of the web pictures.

Can anyone recognize the terrain? The long expanses of flat land indicate Ladakh, but we cannot be sure.

The quality of the original pictures is high, but they have not reproduced well. Possibly some editing is needed, and we'd be glad for the help.

Picture 1: Convoy I
Picture 2: Convoy II
Picture 3: Assembly Area or Way Station?
Picture 4: Sikh Gunners Protecting Their Guns?
Picture 5: Camp or Way Station?
Picture 6: Sikh Gunner
Picture 7: Infantry Havaldar: Over Watching or Check Point?
Picture 8: Bren Gun Section on Guard

Please notice the beat-up appearance of the vehicles, the light-weight tents, the plains winter clothing, and the bulky .303s.